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Today I got an email from FrancisCorps for an invitation to the Commissioning Mass for the next coming in less than a month. I just thought man it all ends this weekend. Closing/transition retreat at Alverna Heights where the adventure started one year ago. My stuff has all been shipped home and I am now living out of my suitcase, literally. Job has ended. All of the memories, experiences, people, places, feelings, prayers, and above my own unique journey with Christ this year.

However, for all the feelings of ending and transition, I know this experience will always follow me in my life. It certainly shaped me in ways that would have not thought possible. Even when I thought I could grow no more well I was DEAD wrong. The most growth happened over the last half to third of the experience. Time seemed rough then with some crazy life happenings. Yet without my community and the support I had from FrancisCorps getting through the rough would not have been possible. Thanks to all the support and my own growth I have come all the more further.

Perhaps the best memories I have came from my community: Rebecca, Kait, Julianne, Cari, and Gina. I had so many adventures through the good, bad, and everything else in between in one year with them. Friends forever and our FrancisCorps bond will never die! And I could also not have done this year without the wonderful group of Bro Jim, Friar Rick, Jordan, and Sister Caryn. Their guidance, wisdom, listening, and presence all helped me in more ways than any of them will ever know.

With all I that I return home to my native Kentucky a little older, younger too, wiser hopefully, more self aware, and above all a better man committed to living a life dedicated to Christ and serving others. For now I sign of this blog. Not sure if the next phase of my life will have a blog but who knows. Good ol St. Francis said it best: “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” 🙂


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I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

Been a little while since my last post, but time continues to fly. Two more weeks left at my job sites and a few more days afterwards I fly back home to Kentucky on August 2. I am starting to pack my stuff in boxes to ship home, starting to think about starting graduate school in the fall at EKU once I return home, and in the midst of all this I find myself questioning/reflecting the impact I made this year in Syracuse with FrancisCorps, my community, my job sites, and my personal growth.

I suppose its only natural to do this especially towards the end of an experience such as FrancisCorps. Personally, I have a tendency to be pretty critical of myself and always think I could have done more or said something else that have made a difference. However, by chance my mother happened to send me a quote by Maya Angelou as regarding the same things I have been coming to terms with regarding the overall impact I made this year. What I took away from gave me something to different to consider.

Words, actions are important yet they come and go, can be forgotten pretty quickly. In contrast, feeling endures. Long after words and actions are forgotten people the feeling of those are forever imprinted. This insight quickly shifted my thought process. My impact in FrancisCorps will be measured by how people remember how I made them feel by my actions and words not jut solely by the actions or words alone. Not that words and actions are not important, but feeling and the impact it creates will be far more important.

So I hope to follow the wisdom of Maya Angelou these last couple of week a I wrap my time in Syracuse and try to leave the many people I have grown to know this past year with a lasting positive impact.

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