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Today in the Catholic tradition marks the feast of St. Joseph spouse of Mary and foster father to Jesus. Often overshadowed by the hoopla of St. Patrick’s day, this feast day invites to take a look at very unknown–yet paramount figure in Jesus’s life and our lives if we know how to make the connection. We know very little about St. Joseph expect for two specific stories and he had passed on when Jesus started his mission, but we can surmise much from what we know as well as what we do not know. Just look at how Jesus turned out?! Joseph must have had some influence…some and perhaps lots of influence.

Joseph had no idea what he was getting into when he intended to marry Mary who was born without sin and who gave birth to the Son of God. And who was Joseph an imperfect human in the company of two of perhaps the greatest human figures in history. Imagine how he felt at the dinner table at night. Interestingly when you look past Joseph’s seemingly limited role you can find so much to admire. The fact that Joseph opened his heart and followed Mary to raise the Son of God is so amazing. And he gets so little credit or mention. How many Josephs do we know in our lives who are not in headlines for doing the most ordinary but still amazing deeds or work? I know a few and they are some of the greatest people in the world! Who serve and are selfless in their commitment to their labors on through thick and thin.

I suppose where this all fits in for me his learning to embrace the ordinary of life and to have an open heart like Joseph. My time in FrancisCorps has really helped to look beyond what I thought was impossible; the results has been a greater opening of my heart to faith and making my life more of a true calling rather than just a list of jobs or a career. I am exploring a few different paths for when I leave FrancisCorps. However having too much fear is not really a requirement.

Having an open heart has made me feel like I can accomplish so much more than I once thought possible. There are days I come home from work feeling like I can do almost anything. Within reason of course. As the last few months of FrancisCorps come and go I pray that I may keep this openness of heart to God. I hope to follow the amazing ordinariness example of St. Joseph. His “yes” to God was just a vital to Mary’s crucial “yes.” Such a simple openness of heart to God led to a great calling for Joseph. It can be the same likewise for you and me. Just stay open!


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